Name: Travis Fultz
Position: Technical Director
Years Experience: 1
About: Don't let Travis 1 year experience as a techman fool you. He is an engine builder who works at DJ Performance Engines in Mooresburg, TN. Travis actually took his first engine apart when he was 5 years of age and has not stopped since. He has worked at DJ’s over 14 years now. Travis has 2 years education in Machine Tool Tech from Southeast Community college.
Travis has been in the racing world for over 23 years. Travis first started out as a crew chief for his best friend and gained his love of racing from the start. Travis started driving in 2005 and has drove at several tracks in Tennessee throughout those 14 years. During his racing career he has over feature 40 wins. Travis also has earned 2 Track Championships in Limited class and 2 Track Championship in Sportsman class at Tazewell Speedway.

Name: Tara Chavez
Position: Director of Graphic Design/Photographer
Years Experience: 12
About: Tara has been photographing motorsports for over 12 years. Starting in 2007, she became the official track photographer for Princeton Speedway, in Princeton WV. In 2008, she also became the photographer for Beckley Motor Speedway in Prosperity, WV and continued shooting both tracks through to the 2018 season. In the past she has also shot motocross at Burning Rock Off Road Park. Tara has been published in multiple media, sites, and magazines such as Dirt Late Model, Dirt Illustrated, and Dirt modified, and sites such as and

Name: Joe Rush
Position: CEO/Series Director
Years Experience: 15
About: Joe has been around racing his whole life and has a true passion for a sport. His goal with ACAS is to provide crate late model racers with the fairest series on the market and tracks with a series they know will be consistent and fair while attracting fans to their facility. Joe started in racing by hand scoring with his grandpa at Beckley Motor Speedway. He then was trained on scoring with the computer system and started working at I-77 where he fell into the role of race directing and scoring. Before the series he spent his time at Princeton Speedway and has filled in at many other tracks over the years. By day, Joe has a master's degree in Special Education and uses that to teach Elementary Special Education where he loves working with the kids. 

Name: Caitlyn Smith
Position: Registration/Runner
Years Experience: 1
About: Caitlyn has been around racing since she was 9 years old and immediately had a love for the sport. Shortly after that she started going to the pits at the races and learning about the cars and how to work on them. This year she started following the series as a fan, but due to her dedication of sharing post and positively promoting the series when a position opened she naturally slid into it. She loves the sport, the series, and hopes to see both continue to grow. While working for the series she is also working on her degree dental.

Name: Cory Drake
Position: Assistant Tech/Corner Marshall
Years Experience: 1
About: Cory is 31 years old and currently works at Shylocks Pawn in Claiborne County, TN. Racing has been a big part of his life! Cory has been around racing, mostly dirt track since he was 18 years old. He does a little bit of everything when it comes to racing. Cory has helped build motors at DJ's Performance Motors, he has been the crew chief for his close friend, and dirt track driver Travis Fultz for the past few years, and is now an official for the All American Crate All-Star Series. Cory has a 4 year old little girl which is his life. She has been around dirt track her whole life and loves to hop on the four wheeler and ride around the pits with her daddy.


Name: Walter Tapp
Position: Announcer
Years Experience: 13
About: Walter has been in the racing industry for 13 years as announcer, working at the local level in the southeast region and now on tour with the American Crate All-Star Series. He loves going to the different race tracks and meeting new fans and drivers and also getting out to interact with them.

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Name: Ralph Munsey Jr.
Position: Flagman
Years Experience: 26
About: Ralph is the most experienced team member. He started with eight years in the driver's seat racing in the street stock and modified street divisions. The past twenty six years he has been affiliated with Princeton Speedway in one way or another. He has done everything working at a track except for scoring and announcing, but most of his time has been spent in the flag stand. In his free time Ralph is a volunteer fireman and enjoys woodworking.

Name: Jessi Rush
Position: Administrative Assistant
Years Experience: 3
About: Jessi has only be around racing since she has known Joe and from day one, pretty much started helping with back office stuff and paperwork. Before she met Joe she had no idea dirt car racing even existed. Now, she knows, pretty much what it takes to run a whole show, and focuses on handling all the series paperwork. Jessi, also, by day is a teacher at the elementary level.

Name: Ricky Lilly
Position: Pit Boss/Lineups
Years Experience: 2
About: Ricky Lilly has been involved in racing in southern WV since around 2006. Ricky started racing in 2006, in the street stock class at Princeton Speedway. He raced street stock for several years, until moving up to the AMRA Open Wheel Modified class in 2011 and raced at tracks such as Princeton Speedway, Beckley Speedway, and Lizard Creek Speedway. By day, Rick is diesel mechanic and fix almost anything diesel!

Name: Jesse Ranyes
Position: Corner Marshall/Director of Trailer Organization
Years Experience: 1
About: Jesse has been around racing since he was born. He grew up going to the races with his dad and uncle as they were racing and started learning to work on the cars at a young age. He's spent the past 8 years racing in the front wheel driver four cylinder and outlaw street division. In his free time, Jesse enjoys woodworking and working on his slot cars.

Name: Doc Petty
Position: Assistant Technical Director
Years Experience: 1
About: I am originally from Tazewell, TN, which I am still proud to call my home track. My parents were good friends with Jim Arnwine, who is kind of a local legend at the “Taz”. I have always been a fan but my racing actually started a little later in life. I started out racing karts and after about 5 years and several wins and championships and too many trophys to even keep up with I decided it was time to move on. I bought my first late model from Jack Trammell and went right into super late models and have been hooked ever since. I have raced at pretty much all of the East TN tracks up until 2017 at which time my eyes got to bad to race but I still owned a car and decided to be the car owner and let someone else drive. I’m 2018 I put Zach Sise in the Petty #43 and we had a stellar year with several wins and a track championship and a runner-up at another track. 2019 brought changes as I decided it was time to call it quits but luckily I am still able to be at the track as an Official with the American Crate All-Star Series and still get to hang with the best friends and family there is.